Kitchen Confidential: Secret Menu Items!


Scene: Two cowpokes lost in the Midwest.


PINKY: "Psssst… Hey partner, reckon' you know the down-low 'bout Hickory River Smokehouse, right?"


WINKY: "Hickory River Smokehouse? You mean that they have the juiciest, most succulent, delicious, gen-u-ine Texas-style hickory-smoked barbecue this side of the Mississippi?? Well heck, course I do! Who don't?"


PINKY: "No partner, everybody knows that! I mean do you know about their secret menu specials?"


WINKY: "What?? You mean to tell me Hickory River Smokehouse has secret menu specials?"


PINKY: "Yessir, that is what I am a'tellin' you, partner! Best git yerself on the social medias!"


That's right, cowboys and girls! Every two months, your local Hickory River Smokehouse has secret menu items that are available only to those "in the know!" All you have to do to join the club is follow us on social media!


Previous menu items have included our scrumptious Secret Chef Salad, featuring our crunchy, fresh garden salad topped with smoked ham and turkey, bacon crumbles, and cheese, as well as our Secret Flying Pig, a mouthwatering sandwich stuffed with our award-winning pulled pork and smoked ham, topped with creamy queso cheese and finger-lickin' barbecue sauce. Keep in mind these are previous specialties that are not featured on our standard menu and aren't currently available, but waiting to discover what delicious secret menu item will be next is half of the flavorful fun! Just try not to drool in anticipation.


To learn about our next secret menu items, simply follow us on Facebook at Hickory River Smokehouse, and be sure to follow your local franchise ASAP. You can also find us on Instagram at #hickoryriver, and again, don't forget to follow your local franchise. Now folks, we're sharing this "kitchen confidential" secret with you, but don't feel like y'all have to keep it a secret!


Hickory River is all about sharing delicious Texas BBQ and good old-fashioned hospitality with everyone, so spread the word, and "git along little doggies" to your nearest Hickory River Smokehouse!


Posted by Hickory River on Sep 01, 2022