Celebrating Team Members

Heather Clemons


This month's spotlight team member is Heather Clemons. Heather has been with our Hickory River Smokehouse team in Springfield, Illinois, for over 12 years. Heather said she is forever grateful to her team for supporting her through one of the most challenging times in her life. In December of 2015, Heather was diagnosed with breast cancer, and as a result, she had to take a year off work for treatment. Her Hickory River Smokehouse team jumped into action to support her. She described how her manager, Ryan Lewis, immediately set up a donation cup at the counter. These weekly donations helped Heather to cover expenses during her time off.

Additionally, her team collected money and donated Walmart Gift Cards each month, and they also shared Heather's GoFundMe page. Heather was overwhelmed by the kindness and love she received during that difficult time. She knew the people she worked with truly cared about her. Heather was able to end her treatments in May of 2017 and is now cancer-free!


Heather said she loves working at Hickory River Smokehouse. One of her favorite parts of the day is making the green beans and homemade potato salad, although she refused to share the secret ingredients! Heather loves working at Hickory River Smokehouse because of the excellent customer service she sees her team provide. She fondly describes the big smiles that greet their customers each day. Heather feels each person on her team cares about each other, what they are doing, and how they are doing it, and it makes all of the difference.

Print Posted by Hickory River on Sep 09, 2020