Franchising with Hickory River Smokehouse

Franchising with Hickory River— A Smokin' Hot Opportunity Have you ever dreamed or just wondered about owning your own business? Does the opportunity to be your own boss rather than answer to someone else sound right up your alley? Do you love food, in particular, mouth-watering Texas barbecue? If so, franchising with Hickory River Smokehouse could be a perfect fit for you. Becoming a franchise ... Read More

Posted by Hickory River on Jan 20, 2022

Celebrating Team Members

Heather Clemons


This month's spotlight team member is Heather Clemons. Heather has been with our Hickory River Smokehouse team in Springfield, Illinois, for over 12 years. Heather said she is forever grateful to her team for supporting her through one of the most challenging times in her life. In December of 2015, Heather was diagnosed with breast cancer, and as a result, she had to take... Read More

Posted by Hickory River on Sep 09, 2020

Armadillo Eggs

Armadillo Eggs using Hickory River Smokehouse Hot, Mild, or Honey Sauce (or, you can mix them) and your favorite Hickory River Smokehouse Pulled Pork. Armadillo Eggs

  • Jalapeno Peppers
  • Thinly sliced bacon
  • Cream Cheese
  • Hickory River homemade Queso Cheese Sauce
  • Hickory River Smokehouse Pulled Pork
  • Your favorite Hickory River Smokehouse Barbecue Sauce
Slice jalapeno lengthwise and remove seeds, parboil jalapeno for 2 mins. Do not overcook, peppers should still be crunchy, then submerge in an ice bath; Par c... Read More

Posted by Hickory River on Mar 02, 2020

Hickory River Smokehouse BBQ Sauces for Grillin' and Smokin'

Hickory River Smokehouse customers rave about our sauce and pack the Smokehouse for our BBQ taste! We are often told that our sauce seriously challenges other restaurant BBQ sauces. Loyal customers return just for the sauce, describing them as Tangy, Sweet, Smoky, and Spicy! Hickory River BBQ sauces caramelize at grilling and are the pinnacle complement to any BBQ. Bold, yet sweet, Hickory River's hot and mild sauces, are enriched with a blend of spices, giving each sauce the right amount of smoky flavor. Hickory River Smokehouse Hot Sauce has a bold flavor, a smokey tang and spicy - not ju... Read More

Posted by Hickory River on Dec 11, 2019