How can you help keep your family healthier and happier together? Eat together. Many of us are fortunate enough to have fond memories of eating meals together, but it is often harder to do in today's busy world.

Many studies have been conducted to associate eating together and behavior. One such study demonstrated that eating family meals together increased the feeling of positive moods. The dinner table is a place to build trust, model family values, and create space to feel connected. Eating together has many desirable effects, especially for children. Just having conversations around the dinner table increases children's vocabulary by hearing their family talk.

When families sit down and eat together, both bodies and minds are nourished. Family dining can build trust, good eating habits, and a true connection. Let Hickory River help you by preparing the meal ready for you to pick up in our store. On those days where there does not seem to be enough hours to get everything done, one phone call or online order can get everyone to the dinner table with ease.


Posted by Hickory River on Sep 25, 2020