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Our community fundraising program has been so popular that everyone is doing it! The Hickory River fundraising program is an excellent way for your local school, not-for-profit, church or other organization to earn money! There are two easy ways Hickory River Smokehouse can help:

In-store fundraiser

No need to cook, serve, clean or schedule volunteers. All you do is email a flyer to your existing email lists or hand-out flyers to your supporters, then they bring it in on your designated fundraising day and eat at Hickory River Smokehouse. We total up the redeemed flyers and send you a donation for a certain percentage of the total purchases.

These in-store fundraisers are so popular that local groups are already signing up for dates. Baseball Teams, Elementary Schools, Cub Scouts, and many others are making money for their organizations! We will only host one organization per night, on certain nights of the week. We do these in-store fundraisers because it is a great way to give back to the community. Hickory River gets more customers coming through our doors, and your organization gets easy money! Call us, email us, or inquire in-store ASAP to sign up for as many nights as you think will be beneficial for your organization! Remember, the more supporters of your organization that come in on your designated fundraising day, the more money you will earn for your organization! So spread the word and invite everyone you know to enjoy some delicious BBQ for a good cause!

On-site fundraisers

We bring the food to your organization, benefit, or event in bulk pans at a steep discount and your volunteers serve the food to your supporters. You can box the dinners for carryout or a plate them for dining in...your choice. We provide three different BBQ plate options with great pricing, and all you do is serve the food at a mark-up for a super easy fundraiser. No cooking, minimal cleaning, and very few volunteers needed!

Get Started

Stop in, call, or email (via our Contact page) your local Hickory River Smokehouse location to book your organization’s fundraiser.