Most importantly, first, let's talk about the taste! Hickory River Smokehouse uses only the highest-quality brisket, seasoned with our own special rub. Our pitmasters slowly smoke and infuse it with real hickory taste. Our sliced brisket comes out of the smoker, fork-tender and juicy. Worrying about your calorie intake? Search the internet calorie counters, and you will find overwhelmingly that ground beef has more calories than brisket. The calorie counters range, for three ounces of ground beef (80% Lean / 20% Fat), about 232 to 290 calories. In comparison, Hickory River Smokehouse's smoked beef brisket is about 68 calories per ounce, or 204 calories for three ounces. Other calorie counters suggest that three ounces of smoked beef brisket are approximately 216 to 260 calories, depending on whether or not the beef is trimmed to 1/8" fat. The slow cooking process to smoke meat contributes to the taste and may decrease the fat content because the fat drips off the meat. Smoked meats add flavor and are generally more tender, even without all the fat! Now, add our award-winning barbecue sauce! With a blend of spices and a hint of smoke, this sauce will make your meat a star. A variety of flavors for every palate from mild barbecue to habanero hot, find the one that is right for you. Hickory River Smokehouse Hot and Mild Barbecue Sauces are made with premium ingredients (our secret recipes). Rarely in BBQ sauces will you find a quality sauce like Hickory River's, with no added MSG or High-Fructose Corn Syrup, and they are all gluten-free. Oh! And, are you asking how many calories are in the sauces? Two ounces of BBQ hot sauce is 60 calories, and the mild is 81 calories. Due to the full-flavor, a little bit goes a long way! So, if you are watching your calorie intake, add a light coating of mild, or go for our hot sauce - it is sweet, smokey, and tangy!


Posted by Hickory River on Dec 13, 2019