Hickory River Smokehouse is proud to serve up unparalleled Texas-style barbecue to the public, and we’re extremely proud of and grateful for the loyal employees who help make it possible. As it turns out, they had some pretty nice things to say about us, too! In interviews with company employees, they described why working for Hickory River is a great job.

Zach, a 10-year veteran at Hickory River Smokehouse in Tipp City, Ohio, appreciates the strong team dynamic. Everyone at the restaurant is truly good people and they genuinely help each other out however possible. Zach has worked just about every position in the smokehouse, and says he enjoys the variety and continual change of pace, and that he truly feels appreciated. He is also grateful for the many opportunities for advancement, and that Hickory River offers its employees the possibility of a pay raise every year based on their performance, a rarity in the major chain restaurant industry.

Violet has worked for about a year at the Hickory River location in Peoria, Illinois. She has worked for numerous fast food companies, and says working for Hickory River has been her favorite job by far. The staff are like a family and make it feel like home, she says. Violet also praised the passion of the franchise owner and management of their product and their people. They appreciate their staff, provide excellent training across all restaurant positions, and make a point of providing constructive criticism and continual support. Like Zach, Violet also enjoys the variety of roles she plays at Hickory River, and says it was very easy to start working for them. Both employees said their franchise owners were in house helping out and encouraging the staff nearly every day.

Hickory River Smokehouses are eagerly looking for good folks with a passion for service and a love of mouthwatering Texas barbecue to join their teams. If that describes you, come on in and talk to us today!


Posted by Hickory River on Oct 08, 2021