The dictionary defines the word THANKFUL as






  1. pleased and relieved.


Hickory River Smokehouse aims to please and relieve you of your holiday cooking. We want you to enjoy the day with your friends and loved ones.


This year we are offering three different dinner options to satisfy the family:


  1. Thanksgiving Dinner with Sides (12-16 servings)
  2. Smoked Whole Turkey OR Smoked Half Ham (12-16 servings)
  3. Smoked Whole Ham (24-32 servings)


Thanksgiving Dinner includes your choice of either a Smoked Turkey or Smoked Half Ham, with these delicious sides: 2 quarts of Mashed Potatoes, 2 quarts of Stuffing, 2 quarts of Green Beans, 1 quart of Gravy, and 16 Dinner Rolls

Prices vary by location, so contact your nearest Hickory River Smokehouse to place your order before they are sold out! Orders must be placed and paid for by November 21st. All locations will be closed for normal business on Thanksgiving Day but will have pick-up hours for those who ordered before November 21st.


Whether you want to do the sides yourself or have us prepare them, we know one of our dinner options will be a hit, and we are thankful you chose us to be part of your holiday tradition!

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Posted by Hickory River on Nov 01, 2021