The term "comfort food" evokes different thoughts and feelings in all of us. For many people, the thought of comfort food instantly conjures up a memory of Mom's chicken noodle soup on a cold day while suffering from a stuffy nose or trying to warm up from the outdoors. For some, the thought of comfort food stirs up memories of Nonna's famous spaghetti and meatballs, Abuelita's sauce-drenched enchiladas, Mam's rich Irish stew, Nani's crispy samosas, or Granddad's finger-licking BBQ ribs.

Regardless of who's doing the cooking, these are all indisputably delicious dishes. If BBQ really rings a bell for you when you think of comfort food, Hickory River Smokehouse is the place to get your fix.

Hickory River Smokehouse has all the tender brisket, succulent baby back ribs, juicy pulled pork, and mouth-watering chicken you could dream of (and more!)— all of it slow-smoked on site— and you don't even have to cross the Mason-Dixon Line. Hickory River serves authentic barbecue at our six locations in Ohio and Illinois.

Don't worry; we've got all your favorite comforting BBQ sides to complement our award-winning, hickory-smoked meats. Whether you crave classic creamy macaroni and cheese, crisp and tangy coleslaw, pleasing potato salad, or flavorful green beans, we've got it all— plus dessert!
Comfort food can be many things: nostalgic, sentimental, rich, filling, nutritious, simple, complex, creamy, crunchy, hot, cold, spicy, and cooling, but always delicious. Whether you've had a long day, are missing home, or have a fierce craving, sometimes you just need some good old-fashioned comfort food. Whatever the reason, visit us today at Hickory River Smokehouse and enjoy our hickory-smoked, mouth-watering barbecue comfort food.


Posted by Hickory River on Feb 13, 2023