Barbecue sauce is an essential complement to any BBQ, and Hickory River Smokehouse's BBQ sauce is a great option. Our sauces come in different flavors, each with a bold taste, enriched with a blend of spices that give it a smoky flavor. Hickory River's BBQ sauces have won awards and have been described as tangy, sweet, smoky, and spicy. These sauces are gluten-free, High-Fructose Corn Syrup Free, and MSG Free, without sacrificing their signature taste. Catering to every palate, Hickory River barbecue sauces are available in mild, honey, hot, chipotle mustard, or habanero.


Our best sellers are Hot, Mild, & Honey.

Put some zip on your lips. With our signature blend of spices and a hint of smoke that Hickory River Smokehouse sauces are known for, the Hot Barbecue sauce will kick up the meat to a new level of greatness. Be warned this sauce can cause addictive behaviors.

Our Mild sauce is anything but mild in flavor. Bold yet sweet, this unique blend of spices and just the right amount of smoky flavor brings any meat to life. It is perfect for chicken, beef and pork. One taste and you will not be able to eat barbecue without it again.

Our Honey BBQ sauce is a sweet and tangy combination of Honey and Hickory River's signature spices. Enrich your BBQ with this delectable coating of Honey BBQ sauce, blended to make chicken, brisket, or pork taste amazingly good!

This summer, bring home the flavor! Order online or stop by your local Hickory River Smokehouse today.


Posted by Hickory River on Jun 14, 2023